Landscaping with MURALS

Murals communicate much clearly.

Murals are a form of folk art and culture practised in many parts of the world. It is a norm dating back centuries and has been widely used by both Artists and non-Artists: seeking to express their views and ideologies. However, we have reached a point where mural art and landscaping have become more closely related by one factor; the communication in design.

Types of murals

There are three types of Murals which are:

  • Photography Murals
  • Painted Nature Scenery Murals
  • Abstract murals

Importance of murals


One of the main reasons murals are applied on walls is  aesthetics; They act as a covering that adds beauty to the empty  spaces on walls or on other features in the landscape.
Boosts memory Skills

Having murals in your outdoor space sharpens the mind of the users through conceptual visualization and implementation, plus, boosts memory skills. It will be easier to have memory after having a experience in that given space.
Help develop psychological feel of the environment.

Painted nature scenery murals contribute a calming effect due to how diverse they are in color and texture.
Communicate much easier.

Murals are used to mark or commemorate an event or communicate a message with the intent to echo a certain awareness  to the viewer either publicly or privately.

Fills up small spaces

They fill up outdoors with inadequate space for gardening.


In conclusion, murals are an essential part of  landscaping because of their valuable communication abilities and timeless complimentary capabilities.

Murals, especially Photography and Abstract murals, share elements of profound, bold and provocative statements based on ideological sentiments.

In addition, Spaces with murals Promotes social gatherings of people of all age groups; Murals so pronounced in this day and age following the long culture of how practical they are in pushing public opinions.

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